Full Service Programs

Lawn Thumbs offers full service programs that allow us to be fully responsible for your lawn, Gardens, Shrubs & Sprinklers.

Sprinkler program

This year we are offering a new service for our mowing customers where we take over full control of your sprinkler system, we will take charge of the timers, consistently adjusting heads for full coverage and keeping an eye out for necessary repairs. This will enable us to adjust your system as needed to make sure your lawn is being properly watered throughout the season.

garden weed Program

After an initial cleanup on your property we will take charge of your garden beds to ensure they are weed free through the season. Be that with chemical control or hand pulling, we will keep your gardens clear of weeds for the whole season.

Pruning Program

On a regular basis we will come to your home and check in on your plants in need of pruning, if they are getting out of shape or too big our technician will immediately prune so that your shrubs are always looking their best.