Commercial Snow Clearing

We will clear the parking lot as early as we can. During the signup process you’ll receive a form that will allow you to give us some customized instructions you would like. For example what areas do you want salted or maybe you only want the minimum amount spread. Also what days if any would you like us to skip. Holidays, or days the business is closed on Saturdays or Sundays.

snow clearing parking lots

Depending on when snow has begun to accumulate, we’ll be there before your business opens and clear the parking lot so cars can park easier and people can walk more safely. Our drivers are trained to know where to pile up the snow for the most accommodating place.

Salting the Parking Lot

We do require you spread a minimum 50 lbs. of Salt on the parking lot and that total is $30. For bigger properties we can customize the amount needed, Just let us know what your thinking and we can figure out the totals.

snow clearing walkways includes De-Icer

So the way we charge for walkway clearing and de-icer spreading is by measuring. Again we will be there as early as we can to clear the walkways and make sure they have de-icer.

1-50 ft $50.

50-100 ft $100

Every ft over 100 is $1. a ft