Spring Wake Up

Our 5-Step Spring Wakeup Package is: GUARANTEED to Revitalize!

You can select to get these services by themselves or ALL as the Spring Wakeup Package.

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Power Raking

Power Raking is a health promoting service. It removes excess thatch that can actually be harmful to your lawn. Thatch buildup can cause disease as it stores debris in a moist environment. Heavy Thatch can prevent roots from getting enough water to drink.
When we Power Rake we use a de-thatching machine, we then hand rake the lawn and if needed we use mowers to make your lawn look beautiful. All of this is included in the 5-Step Wakeup Package.


Hand Raking

Hand Raking is an essential part of the revitalization process. This step pulls thatch that has been lifted by the machine, but has not quite made it to the surface. This step also helps revers snow mold, and causes the grass blades to stand vertical, so we can get a better cut.



Mowing vacuums up any left over thatch that was missed by hand raking. Cutting the grass shorter also allows the aerator to get deeper aeration cores and helps eliminate snow mold. 



Aeration is known for reversing compaction, it is also health promoting as the plug holes let air in the top layer of the soil so feeder roots can breath. The plug holes also let more water in the soil so the grass can get more water. The actual plugs themselves break down and rejuvenate the top layer of the soil and this introduces an abundance of nutrients that your grass roots will take advantage of!


Soil Conditioning

Soil Conditioning is an Organic mix to improve fertilizer efficiency while feeding beneficial bacteria and fungi. Improves soil structure, buffers sodium excesses. Our soil conditioning blend activates microbial activity in the ground making your lawn healthier and naturally takes in more nutrients.