Aeration & Power Raking 

Price?- Aeration, PowerRaking, Overseeding, Soil Conditioning & The Packages are all priced by the square ft. Depending on the size of the lawn; the price could vary. For the Winter Ready Package; The minimum is $425. The average lawn of 3k-4k sq ft. is about $489. and a bigger lawn of about 4k-6k sq ft. is about $568. And that would include everything including the Over-seeding. We do have Package options without the Power Raking at lower cost.

For Over-Seeding; the average lawn of 3k-4k sq ft. is about $93 added to the package. Services include Hauling the thatch away, Mowing, Edging, Trimming, Leaf Blowing the Porch, Walkways & Driveways.


Core-Aeration reverses compaction in a lawn by plugging holes in the lawn allowing air to get into the top layer of soil so that the roots can breath and get more water. The actual plugs are left on the lawn so they can break down and brings nutrients to the top layer.


Power Raking

Power Raking (Dethatching) is a health promoting service that removes the thatch, which can be dangerous to your lawn. Thatch build up can cause disease and prevent water and fertilizer. 

When we come to your property for this service we use a detatching machine on the lawn, hand rake the thatch that we pull up and haul it all away!


Spring wake up Package

We start by doing our Power Raking service to pull up the thatch before hauling it all away. Next we mow the lawn, this works like a vacuum pulling up any thatch we missed and also getting the grass shorter for our next step. At this point we aerate, and since we've removed the thatch and mowed the lawn the plugs will go extra deep. Our final step is putting down a soil conditioner to activate the microbes in the soil and showcase the lawns’ health as it will fill in and turn dark green early in the season.