Fertilizer and Weed Control

Price?- Fertilizing is priced by the square ft. Depending on the size of the lawn your price could vary from $45 and up. The average lawn of 3k-4k sq ft. is about $48. and a bigger lawn of about 4k-6k sq ft. is about $55 a month. All Fertilizing services include Weed control, and a changing mixture that will control Grubs, Insects, Crabgrass and Soil Conditioners and of course Fertilizer that your lawn will love. We customize our services to your areas needs, but we want to know what we can do better than your previous lawn care provider. We will make sure that thing they missed is something that is important to you us. You’ll hopefully notice that about us.

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Premium  seven-step lawn care program

Our Premium Seven-Step Lawn Care Program uses Organic Based Fertilizers and custom Weed Control mixtures to prevent problems that arise throughout the season. Our Fertilizer Program is designed to get your lawn the healthiest it’s ever been. You will notice a big difference!


Step 1:


Step 1: Step one includes Liquid Aeration to loosens up the top soil to help the roots of your grass grow deeper and stronger. Pre-Emergent Weed Control: Pre-Em combined with Liquid Aeration…Phss “Its game over for your weeds” This treatment prevents over 30 weeds from growing in your yard.


step 2:

grub control

Step 2: This step stimulates the roots of your grass with Soil Conditioner so that they grow stronger throughout the season. Includes Weed Control & Grub Control: This step also stops grubs from settling in your lawn.


Step 3:

insect control

Step 3: During this step, our fertilizer greens up lawns and maintains a beautiful healthy color. Includes weed control.  Insect Control: This step also keeps spiders and insects from taking up residence in your lawn.


step 4&5:

crabgrass control

Step 4&5: These applications protect your lawn against the summer heat wave to keep it Green, healthy, strong, and beautiful. Weed & Crabgrass Control: During these steps, we treat any weeds and crabgrass popping up in your yard.


step 6:

kelp nutrition

Step 6: Step six strengthens your grass with Special Cold water Kelp fertilizer to help it naturally fight off pests and diseases while keeping that lush green lawn. Kelp & Weed Control: This step gives your Lawn Nutritional Vitamins & our weed control targets the weeds that thrive as the temperatures begin coming down.


step 7:

root system stabilizer

Step 7: Our final step, prepares the lawn for winter by loading it with nutrients and strengthening the roots.

This step promotes your lawn's health for the winter months when it becomes dormant and helps it perk up quickly in the coming spring.

Other Lawn Applications & Treatments

heavy weed Program

This is a specialized treatment for yards that are overrun with weeds or contain weeds that require custom treatments. It requires two applications done roughly 10 days apart.


necrotic ring treatment

Necrotic Ring (Fungus) is a lawn disease that results in rings of yellow grass throughout the lawn. Sadly, it cannot be cured, however the disease can be suppressed through annual treatments.

The first time you treat your lawn for necrotic ring (or if you have not been regularly keeping up with your treatments) you will need to do one treatment in spring and one in fall. After this, a single annual spring treatment should suffice.

Nitro Boost is an Application that we apply and greens up your lawn to a Dark Green color within 5-7 days and stays dark green for about 4-5 weeks as long as the grass is getting watered regularly and with good coverage.

Emergency Greenup

Nitro Boost