Garden Services

Please Note: All garden work will be custom quoted after an in person evaluation.

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general Garden work

Our garden services include the following:

  • Weeding

  • Shrub Pruning

  • Rose Pruning

  • Leaf Clean Up and Disposal

  • Cutting Back Perennials

  • Cleaning Out Flower beds

ground cover (mulch) 

Ground cover options include:

  • Top Soil

  • Compost Mulch

  • Bark Mulch

  • Rock

  • Lava Rock

This work is done at a flat rate price including the purchase of your chosen ground cover and installation.


Lawn Thumbs will purchase and transport plants to your location and then plant them for you. Arrangements can be made if you have already purchased plants and would like us to plant them for you. You can select your own plants, or hire one of our master gardeners to create and design your planters and help you select your plants.

planting design

Our Landscape Designer will work with you to make an ideal design based on your preferences and property. The final design includes physical and digital copies of design drawings and a detailed list of required plants to install the design. Installation is not included.

tree work

We are happy to stake your trees and do small tree trimming. More intensive tree trimming that requires a ladder is not a part of our current services. We would be happy to make recommendations for tree services.