Now with Customer Satisfaction Surveys

All Mowing customers get a Survey after every single mow visit. This will insure you receive the highest quality attention to detail and great customer service. So we encourage you to fill out the 1 question rating survey after every cut.

Price?- Mowing is priced by the square ft. Depending on the size of the lawn the weekly price could vary from $34 and up. The average lawn of 3k-4k sq ft. is about $36. and a bigger lawn of about 4k-6k sq ft. is about $45 a week. All mowing services include Edging, Trimming, Leaf Blowing the Porch, Walkways & Driveways. We customize our services to your needs, but we want to know what we can do better than your previous lawn provider. We will make sure that thing they missed is something that is important to us. You’ll hopefully notice that about us. You will also get a Survey after every cut, so you can let us know how we are doing, and that’s how you can let us know right away what we can do better.

Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you today!

Weekly Mowing

Each week our lawn techs will come to your property to mow, edge, and trim, before air blowing the walkways!

With our Award Winning Weekly Mowing Service we mow different directions every week to make sure your grass blades grow strong and perfectly vertical. Our mowers are top of the line and mulch the grass clippings; making the lawn look its best. Our techs carefully trim and edge using a steel blade to give the edges of your turf a sharp clean look.

Bi-Weekly mowing

We put the same passion and care into our bi-weekly service at a slightly higher price.

Our bi-weekly service is the same as our weekly with a few key changes. Because we are cutting two weeks worth of growth, the grass may be cut higher then with our weekly service. With this service our techs will determine if its healthier for your grass to be bagged or mulched.

first visit/ one time mowing

Our first visit mow of your property will generally take longer than it will for future mows, as we will put in the time to bring your lawn to our Lawn Thumbs standards. Because of this, the price is dependent upon the height and state of the grass; as determined by our professional mow technicians apon arrival.

Add On Mowing Services


Although we do not recommend it, we understand that you may prefer to have your grass clippings bagged each time we mow. Our Mow techs want to make sure your lawn looks perfect so if the tech feels he needs to bag it to make it look great, he will at no extra charge. However if you want us to do it mandatory every week we can do that for an extra fee that will be added to your regular weekly mowing price. Based on SqFt. Bagging is included in the every2week mowing option.

Poop Patrol

In order for us to mow a lawn, it needs to be clear of any dog droppings. If you'd prefer not to deal with this you can pay us to clean up after your pets! The price will be dependent upon the number of dogs at your house and will be added to your regular mowing price.