Sprinkler Repair

Our Sprinkler techs can fix any sprinkler issues you have. We will try and give you a fast estimate over the phone, but if needed we will go out and look at the problem and quote it that way. The way that works best for us and fastest is to put you on the schedule and have the tech start on the project as soon as he gets there. So give us a call or fill out the form and we will put you on our job list. First come first serve.

Please Note: Before any sprinkler work can be done on a property we require a credit card on file and your client account to be set up. After that you will be added to our queue and we will get to your property as soon as possible. 

Sprinkler Repair

$79 an hour + parts

For sprinkler repair we will send out one of our Sprinkler Specialist to the property, from the moment they arrive they will begin evaluating and fixing the problem.

Certain jobs are done at a flat rate, if your job includes one of these repairs you will be sent an official quote for approval.

Valve Replacement(s) • Backflow Work • Timer Replacement • Drip System Installation • Stop & Waste Work •

Emergency repair

$85 a half hour + parts

If there is an emergency (e.g. a broken pipe gushing water and you can't turn the water off) we can arrange for our technician to leave his current job to fix the urgent problem. As soon as the immediate problem water is turned off the technician will leave, and you will be sent a quote to move foward with the repair. On this emergency visit He will NOT do any repairs or stay past 30 minutes. He will go to turn the water off, and after you accept the quote you can be added to our normal sprinkler repair list.

Sprinkler blow out

$89 Flat rate

Because of the low temperatures during Utah winters all of the water needs to be removed from the irrigation system to prevent the pipes from  cracking. 

note: sprinkler blow out is only available during the month of October - november

sprinkler turn on

When you get this service one of our technicians will come to your property turn on the water, adjust your sprinkler heads for ideal coverage and set your timer.

Note: This service does not include any repairs. If our techs find that your system is in need of repairs they will finish adjusting the fully functional areas and inform us of the problems. From there you can be added to our normal sprinkler repair list.

sprinkler control program

See our programs page for information on our upcoming Sprinkler Program.